Virtual Microscopy - Workshop

June 9, 2011
Webster LT, Sydney School of Veterinary Science

Workshop objectives
  • To showcase Virtual Microscopy examples implemented using SlideBox (DSB)
  • To demonstrate practical experience across the Sydney School of Veterinary Science with DSB.
  • To demonstrate strategies that lead to engagement of users (=students) with DSB.
  • To demonstrate that DSB is capable to help me with my teaching objectives.
  • To demonstrate that DSB is supporting students learning to apply content to a relevant context.


10:00-10:10 Jan Slapeta
Virtual Microscopy Workshop 3: Introduction. (pdf)

10:10-10:25 Jan Slapeta
Virtual Microscopy in Veterinary Parasitology VETS3041 (pdf): slides, quizzes and feedback.

10:25-10:40 Mark Krockenberger
Virtual Microscopy in Veterinary Pathology VETS3011 (pdf): Emerging cross discipline potential.

Break / Discussion

11:00-11:15 Damien Higgins
Virtual Microscopy in Introductory Veterinary Pathogenesis AVBS2001 (pdf): Compulsory tutorial quizzes.

11:15-11:25 Christina Kwan
Virtual Microscopy in Veterinary Rural Mixed Practice VETS5336 (pdf): Use during pathology clinical sub-rotation in year 5.

11:25-12:00 Jan Slapeta / Mark Krockenberger
General discussion and hands on examples.