Dr Warwick Arden

Dr Warwick Arden
  • Studied: Vet Science
  • Now works as: Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor at North Carolina State University, USA

Growing up in regional NSW, Dr Warwick Arden saw first-hand the important role veterinarians played in his town’s community and decided early on that he wanted to be a vet.

“I had wanted to be a vet since I was fourteen years old. I saw the pivotal role the two to three vets in my home town played – taking care of agricultural and pet animals – and loved the work they did,” said Dr Arden.

“I chose to study in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney as it was – and still is – the premier vet school in the country.”

Dr Warwick Arden graduated with his Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours from the University of Sydney and then went on to do an internship in veterinary surgery and his Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the University of Sydney.

“My favourite parts of my Bachelor degree were the clinical years – they really clicked for me. I loved surgery and medicine, and problem solving in a way that resulted in a positive outcome for the animal and human clients,” said Dr Arden.

“I enjoyed the human interaction with clients – farmers and pet owners. And I liked working on both large and small animals.”

Dr Arden moved to the United States to do his Residency at Michigan State University and also completed his Masters of Science in Physiology there. Then he completed his PhD in Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Kentucky.

“Over 30 years ago when I chose to further my vet career in the US, they had the best postgraduate clinical training programs in the world – the rest of the world has since caught up! I had never intended to stay in the US, but here I am over 30 years later!”

“Studying veterinary science gives you skills in communication, strategic thinking and problem solving. This sort of thinking translates into many other career areas, such as the management roles that I have held for years now.”

“I always say to students: Careers are not so much planned pathways, as responses to opportunities presented,” said Dr Arden.

“The new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Sydney is an incredibly strong program in a fantastic Sydney School of Veterinary Science, in a great international city – Sydney.”