Further Information for Undergraduate Applications (BVetBiol/DVM)

Offer, Acceptance, Deferment (BVetBiol/DVM
You should know the result of your undergraduate application by late January. If you receive an offer of a place in the main round for another course, you should accept it. No assurance can be given that any final round offers will be made. If you are offered enrolment in your first preference, you will not be made a further offer of enrolment unless you change your preferences.

Applications for deferment must be completed during the newly commencing student enrolment period by completing the online application after accepting your offer via UAC. Offer of enrolment cards (sent out by UAC) must be submitted with deferment applications. Deferment for a maximum period of one year may be permitted on the grounds of misadventure or hardship, but will not be granted to enable an applicant to complete or undertake another tertiary course of study. Applicants will be informed of the decision in writing.

More information about offers, acceptance, enrolling and deferring

Credit for units completed in previous degrees
If you have already completed some tertiary study you may be eligible for credit for the units already completed. Application for credit must be made separately after enrolment and no decision or comment on the likelihood of success or otherwise of the application will be made before then. Students should read the faculty credit policy thoroughly and ensure that they understand the implications of a successful application PRIOR to lodging any applications.

Applicants with exclusion records
If you have already attended a tertiary institution and have been excluded, or are liable for exclusion, from a faculty or course, you should give a detailed statement of the reasons for your failure and why you consider you now have a chance of succeeding in the course of your choice. If your statement is based on medical grounds it must be supported by medical reports.

In addition to your application, you must attach your statement to a Special Consideration for Admission form obtainable from the Student Centre, University of Sydney and return it before the end of November to the Admissions Office, University of Sydney NSW 2006.