Progression Requirements for BVetBiol/DVM

  • Students in the combined program who maintain a credit average (WAM of 65-74) during years 1 and 2 are eligible for a place in the DVM program in year 3.
  • Students in the combined program who still have outstanding units or are required to repeat failed unit(s) in order to successfully complete year 2 of BVB will not be able to commence DVM year 1 until all these requirements have been met.
  • Students who do not achieve at least a credit average (<65) will not be eligible to progress on to the DVM and may exit the program to either the Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (AVBS) or the Bachelor of Science with credit for all units completed.
 Year 1-2 WAM Progression to DVM (year 3)   Exit pathways 
WAM ≥65 Eligible N/A
 WAM <65  Not eligible  Year 3&4 AVBS OR
Year 3 BSc

Nominating a Progression Strategy

To assist you in choosing your electives for year 1 and 2, and to ensure that you have options in case you don’t achieve the DVM progression requirements, you must nominate a progression strategy. A progression strategy is a “plan B” – an alternative study pathway that will lead to a rewarding career, just in case things don’t go to plan in your first years of study. Your progression strategy includes a choice of electives in year 1 and 2 that will allow you to transfer into either Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (AVBS) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) year 3 and complete that degree in the minimum possible time.
The default progression strategy recommended by the Faculty is transfer to AVBS, so if you don’t nominate a strategy you will automatically be assigned to the AVBS elective pathway. Students who nominate the BSc progression strategy should be aware that they will need to complete a science major during the third year, and their choice of electives may impact the number of majors available.

How do I choose a progression strategy?

You should consider the potential outcomes of both the AVBS and BSc programs as your “plan B”. The information for prospective students for both courses will help you to decide which pathway is right for you.
Please complete the Progression Strategy form and ask at the academic enrolment desk if you need further advice.

WAM = Weighted Average Mark. As all units of study in the BVetBiol years1-2 (2014-2015) are of equal weighting, the WAM is simply the average mark achieved across all units of study.