Career Paths

Graduating with a DVM or BVetBiol/DVM at Sydney opens up many career opportunities for you. In addition to being equipped to become a recognised veterinary medical professional in the global community, you will be able to choose to work in a range of settings in rural and urban areas across Australia and in many places around the world.

You will be qualified to enter a wide variety of exciting fields, including:

DVM Careers
  • private veterinary practice in livestock, equine, small animal or mixed practices;
  • corporate veterinary medicine, including in the pharmaceutical industry or allied Animal Health industries
  • private or public animal welfare agencies that work to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals
  • government departments and agencies that working on research, biosecurity, public health, public policy, infectious disease or food safety
  • agricultural industries, animal health, inspection or environmental quality
  • education sector, research or teaching
  • international animal health, welfare or food production
  • diagnostic services
  • veterinary public health