Macros tutorial

The macros available on this website were designed to facilitate building of linear and logistic regression models. They conduct all the required analyses using SAS statistical program, export the desired results to MS Excel and create formatted tables of results almost ready for publication in journals and reports.

Each macro is accompanied by an e-Learning module demonstrating a step-by-step procedure to execute the macro and interpret the output using a worked example. It is strongly recommended to read the module and conduct the analyses presented in the worked example before employing the macros for analysing your own data.

To further assist the users, this website has tutorials on building linear and logistic regression models, a glossary listing most of the technical terms used on the website, and a section on frequently asked questions.

These macros are available free of cost but must be acknowledged when used.

About the author

Dr Navneet Dhand, creator of these macros, is a lecturer in Veterinary Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Sydney University. Originally trained as a veterinarian, Dr Dhand has developed interest in analytical epidemiology and computational statistics over time. His other research interests include outbreak investigations, surveillance, risk factor investigations and diagnostic test evaluations.

Currently, Dr Dhand is a principal investigator of the project investigating the 2007 equine influenza outbreak. He was awarded the inaugural Chris Baldock Prize in 2007 for achieving the highest score in the membership examination of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Epidemiology Chapter).